concrete5 - is released

November 24, 2015

Behavioral Improvements

  • Added an “Add Content” guide that goes through the process of adding content to the page, and explains the Add Content panel.
  • Improved contrast in the Add Content and Dashboard panels.
  • Fixed
  • Improvements to image editing experience when using the concrete5 image editor.
  • Account private messages no longer assumes profiles are enabled (thanks ounziw)
  • Escaped input in form submissions so prevent Excel macros from being embedded in fields (thanks TimDix)
  • Links in image slider description will automatically substitute the proper URLs even when changing servers (thanks hissy)
  • Added logout link to mobile menu (thanks ojalehto)
  • Device visibility classes (hide on desktop, hide on laptop,, etc…) are now disabled when a page is in edit mode.
  • Additional page URLs preserve query strings on redirecting to canonical URLs.
  • Imported area layouts now support custom styles (thanks myconcretelab)
  • Parallax custom template on area design now works with multiple parallax areas on a page (thanks myconcretelab)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed infinite redirect loop with Internationalized Domain Names (thanks EC-Joe)
  • Fixed bug where multilingual global areas would sometimes duplicate themselves needlessly, leading to empty global areas
  • Fixed hard-to-reproduce duplicate key error in ConversationFeatureDetailAssignments table when using the conversation block throughout your site
  • Fixed out of memory errors when uploading large files from the incoming directory (thanks EC-Joe)
  • Fixed “When using inline blocks, I can edit other inline blocks” (thanks TimDix)
  • Fixed errors with blocks that have assets not having their assets included if those blocks were within a layout. Fixed error with google maps block specifically.
  • Fixed error with scrollbar not appearing after file uploaded on the front-end (actually fixed this time.)
  • Fixed Adding and Moving a Block in One Step Causes JS Error
  • Resolved: Rich text editor adds in random "=" symbols sometimes
  • Resolved: Rich text editor wraps selection in when choosing a custom style
  • Fixed but where Downloading a file that exceeds the available memory today causes an out of memory issue
  • Fixed occasionally bug that resulted in error “"Argument 1 passed to Concrete\Core\Permission\Access\Access::create() must be an instance of PermissionKey, Concrete\Core\Permission\Key\AdminKey given."
  • Fixed bug when moving blocks in certain situations (thanks Remo)
  • Fixed: Topics attributes marked as required on pages weren’t being properly validated.
  • Fixed some minor XSS potential issues with social links (thanks EC-Chris)
  • Fixed bug: Internal Links in Feature Blocks Store Absolute URL in Database
  • Fixed: config value “concrete.updates.autoupdatepackages” now works again
  • Fixed fatal error when enabling package auto updates (thanks EC-Joe)
  • Fixed error autoloading packages when working with the command line (thanks EC-Joe)
  • Approve changes now shows up when moving blocks in stacks (thanks WillemAnchor)
  • Fixed bug where editing permissions in simple permissions mode wouldn’t apply multilingual settings administration to the appropriate groups (Thanks Remo)
  • Fixed possible CSRF security issue in Conversations settings dashboard page.
  • Fixed free-form layouts that on occasion would break into two rows as widths wouldn’t match properly (thanks wstoettinger)
  • Color picker JavaScript now properly escaped so it can be used with PHP array syntax.
  • Fixed: If you added a BlockTypeSet but didn't add anything to them it would cause the foreach to error on a null value (thanks joe-meyer)
  • Fixed inability to filter lists by multiple select values (thanks markbennett)
  • Fixed (thanks haeflimi)
  • IP Blacklist no longer bans on failed registrations (thanks joemeyer)
  • Fixed (thanks joemeyer)

Developer Updates

  • We now default to the “GD” image processing library for image manipulation. Imagick must be opted into by setting the config value “concrete.file_manager.images.manipulation_library” to “imagick”.
  • Adds ability to specify wildcard page theme classes by creating an array key with “*” as its key (thanks TimDix)
  • Database Entities dashboard page now refreshes package-specific entities as well as application-specific entities.
  • Implemented new Validation framework and some useful constraints. Used within password validation.
  • API improvements to the Processor class to allow it to be used without a queue.
  • Select attribute option API improvements
  • Edge case page list sorting fix when adding to the query with addSelect and attempting to sort by the new field, and use pagination as well.

Backward Compatibility Notes

  • If you were relying on Imagick image manipulation, you will now be using GD image manipulation unless you manually set “concrete.filemanager.images.manipulationlibrary” to “imagick” within a custom config file.


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