concrete5 - is released

January 14, 2016

Feature Updates

  • Lots of improvements to the YouTube block, including responsive and widescreen improvements, support for playlist URLs, support for more YouTube options, and code cleanup (thanks Mesuva!)
  • Added the ability to start composer page location sitemaps at a certain level in the tree.
  • Share this Page block now includes a print option (thanks ojalehto)
  • New uploading settings Dashboard page allows administrators to specify a maximum width, height and JPEG level for images uploaded to the file manager. Images will be constrained using client side JavaScript (if available) and server side as a fallback (thanks Mesuva)
  • Background size and position added to options in Background Image section of area/block design (thanks MrKarlDilkington)
  • Added the ability to set storage locations for files in bulk (thanks hissy)
  • Updates to Image Slider block: draggable and collapsible slides, choose whether to animate automatically, slider speed, time between transitions, and whether to pause on hover (thanks MrKarlDilkington)
  • Character count added to bulk SEO updater and SEO panel (thanks Mesuva)
  • Added “Fit Image” button to Image Editor (thanks MrKarlDilkington)

Behavioral Improvements

  • If a user has the ability to approve the workflow on a page that he or she is updating, the workflow will be skipped when submission occurs.
  • Better validation of thumbnail types created through the dashboard (thanks mnakalay)
  • Security improvement: immediate invalidation of password reset emails upon changed passwords (thanks joemeyer)
  • We now use the number form element in the number attribute (thanks Remo)
  • Added version comment to workflow email.
  • Better caching of Page List blocks (thanks TimDix)
  • CSS scope fixes and cleanup (thanks robkovacs)
  • Drafts now include the date they were created (thanks MrKarlDilkington)
  • Command line utilities will now work with a symlinked core (thanks mlocati)
  • An area name is now visible when dragging a block over it
  • Better compressed image slider sample images lead to smaller file sizes (thanks MrKarlDilkington)
  • Improvement to the Page Defaults editing experience (thanks MrKarlDilkington)
  • Added support for system pages to the AutoNav block (thanks joostrijneveld)
  • Better support for elements in content blocks (thanks EC-Joe)
  • Configuration option added to disable download statistics tracking (thanks EC-Joe)

Bug Fixes

  • Custom theme layout presets now honor attributes on containers and columns other than just “class” (data attributes, etc…)
  • Fixed error on user password validation on PHP 5.3.3.
  • User avatar removal now protected against CSRF attacks.
  • Allows the use of custom label text for file selectors (thanks mnakalay)
  • Miscellaneous code cleanup and minor bug fixes (thanks joemeyer)
  • Fixed infinite redirect issues with certain setups.
  • Fixed (thanks joemeyer)
  • Fixed errors when including job sets in packages (thanks joemeyer)
  • Fixed bug where uploading files with uppercase extensions would fail in certain situations.
  • Fixed bug where image slider block entries with links to internal page would lose those links on edit (thanks acliss19xx)
  • Fixed
  • Fix newsflow url to Dashboard's update page (thanks concrete5 Japan)
  • Fixed: It is not possible to set the color picker to complete transparency in the theme customization options (thanks mlocati)
  • Fixed: if you add a picture to a feature paragraph area (or other abstracted string) and go to edit it it doesn't get translated back (thanks joemeyer)
  • Fixed: (thanks frosso)
  • Fixed inability to clear background images in page design.
  • Fixed
  • Bug fixes with Dashboard sitemap and page search.
  • Fixed: Package description isn't translated before installing the package (thanks mlocati)
  • Fixed: Can't vote in a survey if the block caching is turned on (thanks TimDix)
  • Fixed (thanks mlocati and WillemAnchor)
  • Fixed (thanks ahukkanen)
  • Fixed bug where the Add new page dialog was missing certain translations loaded from Composer (thanks ahukkanen)
  • Fixed (thanks mlocati)
  • Fixed bug where filtering by select attribute option values wasn’t working when the options had special characters in them (thanks dsgraham)
  • Added X-Frame-Options header option for security purposes (thanks hissy)
  • Fixed (thanks joemeyer)
  • Fixed mobile theme switcher issues: Elements are loaded from default theme instead of mobile theme, Responsive image settings of mobile theme does not respected (thanks hissy)
  • Content import now properly imports area background images (thanks myconcretelab)
  • (thanks mlocati)
  • Fixed typo in Password Sent email template (thanks allybee)

Developer Updates

  • Code improvements to facilitate concrete5 running on PHP 7 (thanks mlocati)
  • New command line installation functionality to support installs in a clustered environment (attaches to existing databases rather than requiring an empty database.)
  • New command line utilities for installing and uninstalling packages are now available (thanks mlocati)
  • New command line utilities for generating and updating package translation files (thanks mlocati)
  • Feature: Add new Conversation Message event (thanks brucewyne)
  • Page Theme classes can now provide custom value lists. For information on why you’d want to do this, see this issue:
  • New attach mode in command line installer: When the --attach flag is supplied with a concrete5 c5:install call, if the supplied database already has rows we will attach to it rather than failing
  • Session API Improvements
  • Groups tree Javascript now supports multiple selection (thanks Shotster)
  • Package controllers can now define on_after_packages_start() methods which will run after on_start() from ALL installed packages have run. This can be helpful when a particular package requires something from another package, but the original package is executing on_start() before the dependency.
  • Tourist tours now have access to showStep method (thanks danielgasser)


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