Seo Power Tools: Page Attribute Import/Export

Simplify your concrete5 SEO.


Download a list of pages and edit all their page attributes en-masse in the spreadsheet of your choice.

There is no easier way to perform mass edits of attributes for your SEO. At a glance, you can see every attribute associated with your pages and adjust details such as the page title, description, tags or any other attribute directly within a spreadsheet. When you’ve finished, just re-upload the finished CSV and let the SEO Power Tool import the changes.

Edit large chunks of content simply, quickly, easily — and offline!

For Marketing Managers, this tool should be an essential part of your toolkit.


Fully tested on sites with over 1000 pages.

 Typical uses include:

  • Updating your SEO Page Title and Descriptions
  • Changing or Adding Tags to your Blog Posts en-masse
  • Counting character lengths of SEO Meta Tags or Descriptions
  • Fixing spelling mistakes in Page Summaries or other Attributes
  • Mass changing “exclude_from_nav" or other attributes
  • Simplifying daily marketing exercises.
  • Mass adding of newly created attribute values to older/existing pages
  • Sharing the CSV in Google Docs for collaborative working



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