Milo theme is designed for any type of business that requires a sleek, clean and easy to build site. It is made with bootstrap 3 framework which uses a mobile-first approach. It is specially created to be mobile responsive so it renders beautifully in different platforms. 

We made this as flexible as it should be. It is capable of multiple layouts, has various page types, elements, and typography to choose from. With these features, you have a wider scope on how your website looks depending on your business' branding and image.

This theme is designed and developed by Datasouth. With us, you are guaranteed with a very responsive and dynamic support team who can answer all your queries immediately.


Theme Features:

  • 5 different pagetypes
  • 12 custom pagelist templates
  • 6 custom autonav templates
  • 7 custom feature templates
  • 1 custom conversation template
  • 3 custom image slider templates
  • 5 custom faq templates
  • 2 custom search templates
  • 2 custom form templates
  • 4 custom image templates
  • 1 custom share this page template
  • 4 custom social links templates
  • 3 custom tags template
  • 3 custom testimonial templates
  • 6 call to action buttons
  • Uses google fonts
  • Mobile/Responsive ready

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